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TRANSONIC LASHES Woman friendly Mascaras To fulfil the desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes

Rating: 5.00
  • Maximum black color intensity
  • Natural feeling, super long wear
  • Coat lashes evenly, smudge proof
  • No clumping or globbing
  • Safe for sensitive eyes

Super black Transonic Mascaras increase the volume and density of your lashes.

OVERWEIGHT VOLUME – with a boombastic brush – features the fine texture which offers voluminous multiplied lashes in an intense carbon black color. Coats with perfect adhesion in one stroke from root to tip with zero smudging. Flake-resistant formula gives high-impact definition and lift.

Enhances volume, extends length and stays put.

PIN-UP LASH – artfully volumizes lashes with a superbly saturated carbon black formula. Pushes up lashes causing eye-catching effect. The tip of the brush allows for precision in accentuating  lower lashes and small hairs at the corners of the eye.

This Mascara is super convenient and works for every occasion.

BEAUTY & CARE – Hypoallergenic Mascara that amplifies lashes without the itch; leaves them silky smooth and transformed to a modern look; provides style, volume and length. Creamy, velvety deep black formula builds density and conditions, while feeling light and supple.

Customizable brush fits every eye shape.

HIGH SIZE WATERPROOF – tear, sweat and humidity-proof pigment that lasts for many hours. Adds a natural definition to the lashes. Evokes a grand result of panoramic, magnified and multiplied lashes that are thick, long and full-feathered.

No matter if you are on the beach, at the gym, or at the pool.


Jojoba Oil, D-Panthenol, Castor Oil, Acacia Senegal Gum

The Mascaras are safe for eye contact wearers.

Formulated in accordance with world wide regulations.


Capacity: 12 ml