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SPARKLING SPRAY in a Fragrant Transparent Powder Glamorous Body Illumination

Rating: 4.45
  • A invisible veil dotted with gold particles
  • Infused with a sophisticated flower blossom perfume
  • A vintage atomizer bottle with a squeeze bulb can be refilled with your favorite perfume or body mist

A blissfully romantic shimmering Body, Face & Hair Powder to beautify cleavage, arms, face and hairThe luxurious spray Powder makes every woman feel special.

The feminine scent in an antique perfume bottle envelops your body with its sensuality bringing you closer to beauty icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn. Spray directly onto the skin holding the bottle 15-20 cm away from the body or hair for a smooth radiant finish and irresistible fragrance. The atomizer is secured with a transparent plastic cap and stopper.

Illuminates skin with a delicate mist rich in Vitamins and moisturizing Shea Oil.
Gingko Biloba extract supports natural cell protection mechanisms and slows the process of ageing.


High-purity Pearls, Cashmere, Vitamin E, Shea Oil, Fragrance

Weight: 12 g

Available colors:

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