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REHASH EYELASH Growth Powerful Stimulator Makes lashes much longer, fuller, thicker

Rating: 3.75
  • Brilliantly strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows while stimulating the hair follicles
  • Consistent use of the Transparent Serum guarantees spectacular eyelashes and thicker brows
  • Lashes become significantly elongated and reinforced


The Powerful Serum, Eyelash Growth Stimulator and enhancer  – impressively improves the size of our eyelashes. Ensures lashes significant elongation and strengthening.

The Eyelash Stimulator should be applied to the eyelash line, usually at night, after removing makeup, so the formula from the best Eyelash Stimulator has time to be absorbed overnight without being disrupted by any unintentional eye rubbing that might occur during the day.


A full 2-3 month treatment ensures real improvement of the eyelash and eyebrow condition. The hairs become:

  • 85% longer
  • 53% thicker
  • 43% denser
  • 55% stronger
  • 40% darker
  • more elastic and shiny

CONTAINS: Bimatoprost, D-Panthenol, Glycerine

Bimatoprost is the Serum’s basic ingredient, extending the hair’s anagen period– main growth phase. The extended growth phase causes the hairs to become significantly longer. In the case of Rehash Eyelash Serum, patience pays off and the reward is amasing. All lashes become extended and fuller. The effect will not be permanent – upon discontinuing product use, the lashes will go through their typical cotagen and telogen phase and go back to their original condition.


Apply with one brush stroke along the base of the upper eyelashes. Avoid getting the Serum inside the eye and do not apply on lower eyelashes. Visible effects will be noticeable after 2-3 weeks: lashes will become sturdier and longer. Hair follicles will be regenerated and gain full potency.

The Serum can be used with eyelash extensions and on permanent eye makeup.

Contact lenses should be removed before Serum application.

Capacity: 3 ml

The 3 ml bottle lasts for 4-5 months of everyday product use along the lash line.

As an everyday conditioner for limp eyebrows, the 3 ml bottle lasts for 2 – 3 months.

Available colors:

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