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REHASH EYELASH Eyeliner Eyelash Growth and Thickness Booster

Rating: 3.70
  • Beautifully contours the eyes, thickens lashes, brightens the gaze
  • Conditions and accellerates the natural lash growing speed as well as the hairs quality

REHASH EYELASH Eyeliner draws black, fast-drying, always trendy lines on your eyelids – from ultra-thin to any thickness.

The systematic use of the containing Bimatoprost REHASH EYELASH Liner along with REHASH EYELASH Serum causes a dramatic increase in eyelashes as Bimatoprost, a key ingredient of the Eyeliner intensifies and accelerates night time properties of the Rehash Eyelash Serum. 
The lash growth cycle is 3 to 6 months and divided into the following phases:
  • ANAGEN – 30 – 45 days – lashes begin extending from follicles onto the skin surface. The exact length of time depends on genes, diet and individual’s overall health condition
  • CATAGEN – approximately 3 weeks – a temporary resting phase where the follicles shrink and the lashes pause growing
  • TELOGEN – approximately 3 months – mature lashes repose in the hair follicles until they are pushed out by the newly-growing hairs

CONTAINS: Bimmatoprost, D-Panthenol, Glycerine


Applied with the brush along the base of lashes, the Eyeliner beautifully enhances the eye, lashes soon become noticeaby longer and fuller, and the eye is superbly highlighted.

Capacity: 3 ml

Available colors:

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