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PROFESSIONAL COSMETIC TOOL BELT Secures around the waist and has rows of pockets

Rating: 5.00
  • Having a Brush Belt on a gig keeps you organized and professional looking
  • Different formats of slots for storage and easy access
  • A snap closure for easy removal
  • Beneficial for freelance makeup artists

PROFESSIONAL COSMETIC TOOL BELT – 25 different formats of slots for storage and easy access. 

With this Belt, you can store dozens of brushes, soft accessories, mascaras and liners with room to grow. There is even a slot to hold business cards.

The upgraded leather-like material is soft, durable and easy to clean with soap or washing up liquid and water. A Brush BELT with adjustable strap provides maximum capacity and is a great way to keep your tools and handy cosmetic essentials well organized.

Hairdressers also willingly make use of this TOOL BELT and put in small compartments their working tools: combs, brushes, scissors.