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METAL EFFECT Nail Polish With a wide brush

Rating: 4.75
  • Does not leave smudges
  • One coat delivers optimal color effect, a second coat brings out ultimate shine
  • Dry quickly

Original and stunning Nail Lacquers with a metal effect of pure steel and golden brass contain silver aluminium flakes, polychromatic and metallic pigments for a mirror-like effect. Metal Effect Nail Polishes are best applied to clean and well-polished nails.

Paint the color;

  • Place the brush close to the cuticle, then push back further without touching the skin
  • Paint each nail in three strokes: one in the middle, one on each side
  • Leave a small gap around the edges of your nail for a professional finish

Use TIDY UP Nail Polish Corrector Pen to clean up all mistakes.

Seal manicure with  Liquid Glass Top Coat for a next level of shine and protection.

In keeping with European Union standards, VIPERA Nail Products do not contain neither harmful chemicals nor preservatives.

Available colors:

  • #930 silver
  • #931 gold
  • #932 solar
  • #933 alcor
  • #934 umbra
  • #935 sirius
  • #936 hydra
  • #937 lyra
  • #938 polaris
  • #939 mare

Capacity: 12 ml



Available colors:

metal effect kolory Click photo to enlarge