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LIP MATTE COLOR Liquid Lipstick Transfer-resistant after a while

Rating: 4.64
  • Robustly saturated shades
  • Full opaque effect, stay-true color
  • Super long-lasting finish, 8 hours
  • Color wears evenly and smoothly

LIP MATTE COLOR Liquid Lipstick it is a lip color with enhanced amounts of pigment for extreme color intensity.  Each Lipstick holds intense amount of pigment, resulting in extreme color intensity and clarity in a liquid-suede finish that lingers. The luxurious base melts on contact, providing fully saturated color with a stain finish in one stroke.

A precise applicator leaves an even layer of luscious color. Draws the contours and infuses lips with fully saturated rich shade. Pair it with a complementary lip pencil to create a perfectly defined lip look.

Remove excess product with a paper tissue. The Lipstick stays on for many hours even after eating or drinking. Simultaneously, it hydrates and nourishes lip skin.
LIP MATTE COLOR Lipstick can be removed with a regular makeup remover.


Sesame Oil, Moisturizing Glycerin, Hydrating Silica.

Following ISO22716 and GMP rules layout.

Capacity: 5 ml

Available colors:

VIPERA Lip Matte colors Click photo to enlarge