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GALAXY Glitter or Loose Eye Shadow Pearlescent shimmer and glow, total "show off" look!

Rating: 4.68
  • Creates an irresistible luminescent glow
  • Use alone or in combination with other shades
  • Should be applied with a liquid Fixer, over entire eye lid and to create a fabulous eye liner effect - along lash line


GALAXY – spectacular, exclusive shades – this avant-garde product has long been regarded by professionals in the cosmetics industry as indispensable in creating a pearlescent, glowing effectA sensuous combination of shimmering and sparkling colors creates an irresistible luminescent glow. Feather light, this revolutionary cosmetic product combines the highest quality minerals, pigments and ultra fine powder. Use alone or in combination with other shades of eye shadow to create an alluring, illuminating effect.

When used on dry skin, the GALAXY loose Eye Shadow creates a shimmering luminescent effect on the eye lid but the utmost imperative step is to use a VIPERA Fixer for Eyelids or gelly Mineral Dream Cream by VIPERA – numbers from 305 to 312 – to consent any products you add to the eye to “stick”. Glitter makeup is great in tints and sparkle factor; therefore, put it over a nude or colored shadow for an extreme effect. The tricky part is keeping the Glitter in place for the period of the wear. Fixer will do the job;

When used in conjunction with a liquid Fixer, rich vibrant colors come to life. The makeup becomes long lasting and water-proof.

GALAXY Glitter is considered a perfect make-up tool for partying and dancing the night away.

Weight: 3 g

Available colors:

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