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PHOTO MODEL – Make-up tested at top-model photo sessions Magazine cover quality complexion

Rating: 4.38
  • Photo Model cashmire Foundation superbly covers skin imperfections and softly smoothes wrinkles with a micro-net of widespread 3D silicones
  • Light, creamy, leaving a radiance of moisture on the skin
  • Extremely bountiful, one drop is enough to cover the entire face

A liquid Foundation affluent in fotochromatic pigment blends seamlessly to instantly erase conspicuous pores, acne scars and skin roughness for perfectly even, long-lasting coverage. Minimizes shine while optimizing the moisture balance of the skin. One distinct feature of the Photo Model Foundation is its instant union with the face, a perfect adjustment to the skin tone and – as a result – a flawless complexion.


Hyaluronic Acid * Jojoba Esters * Photochromic Pigments * 3D Silicones

Photochromism is based on reversible photochemical reactions. Photochromic pigments change color under the influence of light, after which – back in darker settings – they return to their previous appearance.
This technology is most commonly used in optic glass production.

Capacity: 30 ml

Available colors:

Fluid PHOTO MODEL kolory Click photo to enlarge