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BB Cream SILKY MATCH MAKER Creates an even, immaculate finish

Rating: 4.31
  • Base & Foundation in one evens out complexion tone, minimizes redness, covers unwanted skin changes
  • Specifically formulated shade perfectly matches every skin tone to make it look smooth
  • Lavishes skin with rich moisture and care
  • Blocks UV rays

BB Cream SILKY MATCH MAKER conceals existing dark and red skin spots while mattifying the skinHelps fight skin problems, soothes irritation and promotes faster healingCovers and cures.

The magic BB (Blemish Balm) is considered a remedy designed to smooth complexion and nourish the skin. SILKY MATCH MAKER provides great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-stimulating activity. Contains Astra Force – herbal extract used for medicinal purposes which has unique skin repair properties.

BB stands for Blemish Balm in Asia but Beauty Balm in Western market. A product that became known as BB Cream was created by a German dermatologist dr Christine Schrammek over 50 years ago to protect and beautify her patient’s faces after plastic surgeries.

The idea was taken on by the cosmetic companies in Japan, South Korea and China. The product used by Asian celebrities helped them look stunning. It quickly became a hit with Asian women who have been keen on having flawless porcelain complexion.

Dermatologist tested. Non-acnegenic.

Capacity: 35 ml

Available colors:

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