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AUREUS LUX Pressed Eyeshadow with mirror

Rating: 5.00
  • a quality formula and pigmentation
  • good performance with incredible color payoff
  • the effect is long-lasting
  • some shades you can’t find anywhere else

AUREUS Eye Shadow Collection – a standard of greatness, when it comes to eyes. The Shadows are rich in color, bendable, and easy to work with. The matte shades are velvety, the shimmers are beautiful and the satins are a perfect way to pull an entire look together.
Dazzling array of shades, unison of classics and not much extravagance to be found in the whole Collection. The taupes, beiges, maroons and chocolate shades you’ll find in the pretty unique palette of colors is actually so versatile that you can create both minimalist and smoky eye looks alike when you wear the Shadows alone or mix and match them.

The matte white is often referred to the whitest white available, while matte black is such a rich, matte black it can be cocktailed into eyeliner.

Velvety applicator and case mirror included.

Capacity: 2 g